Notre Dame is a private school in the village of Saint Martin d’Uriage, situated not far from Grenoble, in a privileged and peaceful setting.

Children are accepted from ages 3 to 11 years old, in a family-orientated structure where each child can easily find his place and grow in the best conditions (e.g., functional classrooms, several dedicated recreation spaces, before and after school childcare, and a cafeteria).

The teachings of the school are in total compliance with the official curriculum, and are equally compliant in respect to having a moral character (i.e., we are a Catholic school under contract with the State). In fact, the school’s pedagogical project is to ensure quality instruction, with attention given to each student, allowing for him to blossom in a nurturing environment.

Lessons are centered around the core disciplines. Artistic activities and sports are also important and are taught by qualified professionals.

In addition, our school is comprised of a large anglophone population–approximately 20% of our students. This diversity makes it possible for our students our English program a true direction, which is one of our school’s top priorities.