Welcome to our private school : Near Grenoble with an accent on teaching English


Located in the beautiful Alps mountains, the private school Notre Dame, is tucked away in the picturesque village of Saint Martin d’Uriage, about twenty minutes from Grenoble. 

This small, friendly school is made up of five classes and offers intensive English classes starting from age 3. For Kindergarten through fifth grade, the lessons are given by an American certified teacher for three hours each week.

 In addition, small groups for native English speakers have been put in place to help students progress, taking into account their individual experiences and level of English. 


A school that feels like home

And encourages interaction among all of the children

The small size of the school provides the opportunity for teachers and children to switch classes for certain activities. This benefits the children, ages 3 to 11, and helps them form relationships with different teachers and students of different grade levels thus creating a family like atmosphere.
The playground has three different outside spaces, which allows all of the children to find their age appropriate toys and enjoy their friends.
The before-school programs start at 7:30am while the after-school programs finish at 6:30pm. This gives families a certain flexibility in planning drop offs and pick-ups.



Special attention

is given to care for the children’s needs

The most important goal is to make sure that high quality teaching is provided. This will result in continual progress for each student.
 Ecole Notre Dame makes it our job to listen to the children, be attentive to their individual needs based on their development and to help them succeed. We want to surround them and accompany them and help each child flourish.



Quality Teaching

meeting the official French requirements

 The teachers at Ecole Notre Dame are certified and teach the national required curriculum while also living out the values that are intrinsic to a Catholic School. This privileged arrangement is called “sous contrat d’association avec l’État,” and is a contract recognized both by the government and the Catholic Church.
 Concentrating on the core subjects and developing social skills are of utmost importance, in addition, at Notre Dame, we enhance this by bringing in specialists to provide students with artistic opportunities, sports activities and cross-cultural experiences.


An intensive English program

English spoken here

let’s learn and speak English

  Thanks to a high number of English-speaking children attending École Notre Dame, English can be heard on the playground, at the front gate as well as in the classrooms. This gives meaning and purpose to the students as they study the English language, which is an important skill for the children as they integrate a world where English is indispensable.
 Starting in the youngest class, called Petite Section, the English-speaking teacher gives instruction in English three hours each week. Creative approaches are utilized so that the students discover the culture as well as the language.
 For the oldest students who would like to sit for the Cambridge English exams, tutoring sessions are organized by the school.


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The inherent nature of École Notre Dame

Catholic Values

At our private school, École Notre Dame, we provide the possibility for each one to grow in their faith, while respecting the beliefs of each one.
 Our objective is to live well in community, seek to understand each other, and to build bridges spanning different languages, cultures and faiths. This is accomplished with kind words and actions modeled by the adults and passed down to the children.

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