Artistic and Cultural Activities

for everyone

In conjunction with the curriculum, the children have the opportunity to go regularly to the local library, attend art and cultural events both at the Saint Martin d’Uriage Cultural Center, Le Belvédère, and in Grenoble. Sometimes the children take part in these activities. Their art is put on display in the gallery during the “My Neighbor is an Artist” and hung out on a clothesline in the town square for the “Big Wash Day” art exhibit.

In addition, the students are privileged to attend music and dance rehearsals, visit different museums, discover an opera at the Summum theater in Grenoble, and sometimes even go to the movies. Finally, the school invites specialists to come and guide the children in different projects such as making a book, painting a fresco on an empty wall or performing in a musical concert.

Sports activities

In line with the official curriculum

The village outdoor swimming pool lifeguards welcome the children (ages 4-8) for swimming lessons during the month of June. The 3rd - 5th grade students also have swimming lessons on the university campus in Grenoble.

Some athletic activities are taught by the classroom teachers, others are taught by sports specialists. For example, the preschool and kindergarten classes enjoy horseback riding, the 1st and 2nd grades classes discover the discipline of cross-country skiing, while the 3rd - 5th grade students learn the art of fencing.

During the winter months, the entire student body benefits from the use of the village gymnasium and their equipment. Rock climbing, gymnastics, duals, and group games are on the agenda. 

Either a nurse or a fireman comes to the school to teach the 1st grade children first aid. Two local policemen come to teach the older children about internet security and road safety.            

Environmental activities

Taking care of our Earth 

Taking advantage of the expertise of the ENS (Espaces Naturels et Sensibles), and mountain guides from “Nature et Montagne,” the children embark on hikes and snowshoeing trips in order to discover the rich countryside of our region, L’Isère. Outings include visiting protected areas, observing the evolution of the mountain environment in different seasons, researching the habits of the animals and also understanding just how amazing and fragile the environment is. These activities are generously sponsored by the “Conseil Departmental de Grenoble.”

Life science activities continue at school where the 3-8-year old students plant and harvest vegetables from their garden. In addition, children study the life cycles of different animals like butterflies, chickens, lady bugs, and stick insects.

Finally, the school has put in place a compost pile to teach the children about the importance of recycling and caring for our Earth.

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