The morning program runs from 7:30 to 8:15 am. The afternoon program runs from 4:20-6:30 pm.

The parents have the possibility to drop off and pick up their children at their convenience during those hours. In addition, the childcare worker will be available to help the students with their homework, as necessary.



Sign-ups for lunch are done through a website, allowing each family to choose which days the child eats at school. Between 12:15 and 2:00 pm, there are two lunch periods, the younger children eat first while the older children play games and enjoy friends outside (weather permitting), the two groups then switch places. The preschool children begin their nap time at 12:45 pm.

Bus service

The children are accompanied by a childcare worker to and from the bus stop in the village center at 8:20 am and 4:20 pm. For those interested in this service, please contact the city hall (La Mairie de St. Martin d’Uriage).

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